Modern 2022-2023 Horizontal Monthly Calendar Template

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Numbers is the perfect place to make Calendar Templates. This one is no exception, the Modern 2022-2023 Horizontal Monthly Calendar Template is is the best way to keep your school year schedule organized whether you are a teacher, student, administrator or parent.

This template uses the free font – Century Gothic. Just download and install it to your system before you open the template in Numbers. The header uses a Bold and Italicized style and then the regular form of the font is used throughout the rest of the document.

Blank Calendar Template

This is a blank calendar template. That means while it is dated from July 2022 to June 2023 there is no other information in the document. It is completely designed to be edited to fit your needs. All you will need to do is navigate to the sheet of the selected month and add the text or images that you wish.

This template is completely editable. Change the fonts, colors, and styles to fit your needs and creative desires.

Spreadsheet Calendar Template

This is a Numbers spreadsheet document. Each monthly calendar is placed on its own sheet. Each sheet is designed to be printed individually, however, Numbers does have an option to print all sheets at once in its print window.

Spreadsheets are a great way to create calendar templates because of their tables. However, this does have some limitations for design. Thankfully, Numbers is far better with design than its counterparts, Excel and Google Sheets.

Additional Calendar Templates

We have a long history creating calendar templates for Numbers and Pages. Take a look at all of our Calendar Templates.

Modern 2022-2023 Horizontal Monthly Calendar Template for Numbers


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