Pages Concessions Stand Menu

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Running a concessions stand? This simple Pages Concessions Stand Menu will help you display all of your food and drink options legibly and efficiently. It’s designed to take the guess work out of creating the template so you can focus on selling or doing the 100 other things that are required to running a concession stand.

This template has a place for your organizations logo at the top of the page and the menu itself is two text boxes organized into two columns and connected together so that text will automatically flow from one to another. Each section of the menu is broken up into categories for easy reading. A right text aligned tab-stop is in each of the text boxes so that all the text and prices line up nicely for easy reading. Because the last thing you want to do is confuse your customers!

This menu will help your customers find what they want to purchase quickly and keep your line moving. Enjoy!

Pages Simple Concessions Menu


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