Focused Resume Template Teal for Pages

by | Apr 19, 2022 | Pages, Resume, Templates | 0 comments

The Focused Resume Template Teal for Pages is a great Resume Template is a wonder way to show off your skills, education, and experience for your next employer. This template is designed to show your creativity and you communication skills!

This template uses the free Google Font, Roboto Condensed. You will need to download it and install it onto your system so that the template will look like the images here. There are 5 page templates included in the file. A blank file that only includes the image and several other key design elements but allows you to create a custom design. It also includes two resume files, one a short which also includes other design elements to explain your skills graphically. And two other pages, one for references and another for a coverletter.

I hope that you use this template and get the job or your dreams.


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