Numbers Amortization Template

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Over the years the most downloaded template has been the Amortization Schedule Calculator 2.0 template for Numbers. It’s a great template, but it could use some new features. That’s why I made this Numbers Amortization Template.

It has four sheets, a KPI Dashboard, Monthly Amortization, Yearly Amortization, and a setup sheet. It is set up to allow up to a 50 year loan, and has the ability to add Interest Only Payment periods.

Simply go to the setup sheet first and enter your loan information. From this sheet the document will do all the calculations for you. It will automatically show all the payment periods on the monthly amortization sheet, and on the yearly amortization sheet. Also, on the dashboard page it will show you 5 metrics that are important to know for any loan: Last payment date, interest only payment amount, principle and interest payment amount, total interest paid, and total payment amount.


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