You’re My Boo Poster

by | Oct 5, 2021 | Halloween, Holidays, Pages, Poster, Poster, Templates | 0 comments

Halloween doesn’t always have to be scary. Sometimes it can be scary cute! That’s exactly what we tried to do with this poster. The You’re My Book Poster for Apple Pages is a simple landscape Pages document with two cute ghosts one exclaiming, “You’re my BOO!” to the other. This is obviously a play on the popular saying making for a super cute Halloween adaptation.

Print this out and frame it! Put it where you’re boo will see it, and remember how much you care about them.

The Font used for this template is a free font from Google, Josefin Sans. You can download it for free. While you are there you should check out all the other very cool free Google fonts available.

You will love this template! Make it a part of your Halloween Decorations!



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