Numbers 2022 Vertical Monthly Calendar Template

by | Sep 28, 2021 | 2022, Calendars, Numbers, Templates | 0 comments

You can download the all-new 2022 Vertical Monthly Calendar Template for Numbers today! This has become a staple in our website year over year. People keep asking for these Monthly Calendar templates for Numbers – like they are going out of style. This year is no different. Usually, it’s mid-June that people start asking.

Like its big brother, the horizontal monthly calendar template for Numbers, vertical version is designed to print on one piece of paper.

I really enjoy putting these templates together, perhaps one of these days I’ll record a video on how I do it. It is really quite simple.

This template features navy blue highlighted weekends and weekday headings fields. Feel free to adjust it to your needs and to add all the events, and holidays you wish.


Numbers 2022 Vertical Monthly Calendar Template


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