Pages Scary Zombie Halloween Flyer Template

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Here is the Scary Zombie Halloween Flyer Template for Pages. This isn’t the Walking Dead kind of zombies or the World War Z zombies, but your average run of the mill, crawl out the grave kind of zombie. You know the traditional kind! We think it has some old school scare! And it’s perfect for your next Halloween inspired event. It will be sure to grab attention!

Its a simple design with the graphic section that depicts in one color a zombie hand coming out of the ground. Then a title section and info sections where you can spell out the details of your event.

Its simple to use, after downloading the template by clicking on the links below simply change the title section and info section to reflect your event! It’s just that simple. All fonts are iOS standard so this can easily be edited on the go! Enjoy!

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Pages Scary Zombie Halloween Flyer Template


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