Pink Sunrise Keynote Theme

by | Sep 15, 2017 | Gradient Keynote Themes, Keynote, Templates | 0 comments

The Pink Sunrise Keynote Theme is absolutely gorgeous! You’ll love it. It actually is simply a color gradient background the moves from a deep modern purple on the left to modern pink on the right. It’s a beautiful transition that is sure to catch the eye of your audience. This Keynote Theme is incredibly playful and joyful – pair it with the right fonts to make it professional or fun!

With Keynote you can change the background of any slide by going to the format panel in the upper right-hand corner. You might want to change the angle of the gradient or flip the colors order or direction. You can easily do that from this panel.

Please, enjoy this Keynote Theme – I really do think that it’s modern and beautiful!

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Pink Sunrise Keynote Theme


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