Numbers 2018 Horizontal Monthly Calendar Template

Numbers 2018 Horizontal Monthly Calendar Template

The Numbers 2019 Horizontal Monthly Calendar Template is here! Download it today!

Here is your Numbers 2018 Horizontal Monthly Calendar Template for Apple’s Numbers spreadsheet software! It’s all ready to go! Just simply download your intended version and get to planning. In 2017 I recreated the template from the ground up giving it a much cleaner feel making it much easier to work with. The 2018 template uses this same format for better ease of use.

It features all 12 months conveniently on its own tab in order to be printable by month. It’s easy enough to add your own holidays and important dates to the right of any date. The template conforms to the American 11 inches by 8.5 inches letter landscape standard, but with the tools in Number easily stretch to fit your needs.

Since the beginning of this website, the horizontal monthly calendar templates have been consistently the most downloaded templates on this website. Thank you for making that so! Enjoy the Numbers 2018 Horizontal Monthly Calendar Template!

This is the first of several 2018 Calendar Templates.

Numbers 2018 Horizontal Monthly Calendar Template



  1. Joyce

    Hi Joel, when I downloaded the iwork ’09, it says the index.xml file is missing… and the file is “invalid.” I have appreciated using your calendar for our church for years and was hoping to get a head start on 2018.. any way this might be fixed soon? Thanks for all these years of doing it-I wish I could learn how to make/formulate the calendars myself, but having you do it is such a blessing!

    • Joel


      Ok, I’ve updated the file it should work now!

      Let me know if you have any more trouble.

  2. Cristina Dominguez

    I use your calendars every year. They are excellent!
    This time around, I’m having problems opening the file. This is the error message I get:
    The document “2018_monthly_horizontal_calendar_09.numbers” is invalid.
    The index.xml file is missing.

    Ideas, please?

    • Joel

      Hi Cristina, it sounds like you might have an older version of Numbers. Try the ’09 version instead. Thanks.

  3. Joyce

    Hi Joel,
    Sorry I didn’t get back sooner, I had checked this several times, then thought maybe you weren’t monitoring it anymore. I decided today to try one more time for the calendar, just downloaded it and again, the same error comes up as Cristina. “The index.xml file is missing.” I have Numbers ’09 2.3 (554). I clicked on the iWork 09 link above. I know these are older systems. One of the reason I have NOT upgraded my Mt Lion is to keep my iWork 09 programs. 🙂


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