Black Diamond Red Business Card Template

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This custom designed Black Diamond Red Business Card template for Pages is designed with the entrepreneur in mind. It’s easily edited but highly designed to grab attention. This two-sided card is designed to effectively promote your business’s branding.

To use this template download it using the buttons below and open in it Pages on your favorite Apple device. You’ll notice that one sheet of paper will include 8 copies of the business card. Any changes you make will need to be repeated across all copies on the page. In order to prevent bleeding while printing this template is set up to be 8 per page or 8-up. This way when printing your design won’t go onto the next card; there is some space between each card.

This design is built to use Avery card stock compatible product numbers:  5881, 8373, 8869, 88220, 88221.

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Black Diamond Red Business Card Template


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