Twilight Imperium Variable Stat Tracker for Numbers

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This is a niche spreadsheet, but for anyone who does play Twilight Imperium, this spreadsheet is indispensable. The spreadsheet includes all of the upgrades from the two expansions to the game as well.

The first sheet includes general instructions as to its use as well as three tables:

-A dice roll comparison table with pop-up menus to choose any one of the 17 alien races. Once a race is chosen, their respective dice stats are pulled from their separate race sheets and can be compared against another alien race for combat purposes. This saves the players having to count up their various buffs from technology cards every time they engage in combat with another player.

-A victory point tracker. This table has all of the various victory point conditions from the main game plus both of its expansions.

-A planetary resource tracker. This table allows the player to pick the alien races from pop-up menus and it will display how many resources and buffs they currently have access to based on what planets they currently occupy. The starting conditions for all players has already been taken into account. As a player takes control of a new planet or if the planet exchanges hands, the owning player’s race can be selected next to each planet name to indicate ownership. This will automatically add that planet’s resources to the grand total. There are also checkboxes for refineries and colonies (Shattered Empire expansion) for each planet, and those will also add to the overall resources the player has.

The remaining sheets are player cards for all of the alien races included in the main game and both expansions, plus the final sheet is a generic blank template for custom races if the players so desire to create them.

Each race card includes a table of all of their stats, plus all of their current buffs, and starting units, plus the logo and portrait of each race is included and pictures of their diplomats (Shards of the Throne expansion).

At the bottom of every race card is a table for technology cards. The starting techs have already been set for each race. As a technology is researched they can be checked off and the respective stats will automatically update. There are conditional highlighting rules next to each tech card indicating whether or not its prerequisites have been met. Of course, some alien races start with tech that has not had its prerequisites met, but otherwise the table is straightforward.

I realize that this sort of template is not for the everyday user, but anyone who plays Twilight Imperium will immediately see the high value of this spreadsheet as it streamlines stat lookups which happen quite often during gameplay. Also, I am quite pleased with my rat’s nest of nested IF functions and wanted to show it off to someone in the know.

All fonts are helvetica.

This template was submitted by Marc Wilson, I am always looking for new templates for this site, no matter how obscure. Please submit as many as you want!


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