Diamond Image Resume Template for Pages

by | Oct 15, 2015 | Pages, Resume, Templates | 0 comments

Here is a fantastic modern resume that is sure to turn some heads. I call it the Diamond Image Resume Template for Pages. I found this Word Template on DevientArt.com by user DesignPhantom and converted it into a Pages document. Unfortunately, for some reason I was only able to get the most recent version of Pages to accept my edits. So, at this time I don’t have it available in any legacy versions.

It’s colors can easily be changed. To get your image into the diamond, simply select diamond and add an Image fill and select your image. Since it is an image fill and not a mask (not available for this shape) your face will need to be near the center of the frame of the picture for it to work correctly.

This is a great little template that I’m sure will help you to land the perfect job. Enjoy!


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