Numbers Winterization Checklist

by | Sep 24, 2015 | Home, Numbers, Templates | 0 comments

Get you home ready for Winter with this Numbers Winterization Checklist. It includes eight task categories to help you organize the process of shuttering the windows before Old Man Winter rears his wrath upon your home. Or just simply try to stay warm and keep your stuff nice. Whatever the reason you feel as though you need to winterize this checklist will help you. It’s designed to be edited (not like those other checklists on Pinterest), but could easily just be printed out and used around your home (just like those other checklists on Pinterest. It’s not hard to edit this just click or tap the item you want to change. I included several spots in each category along the way so that you could add your own items to the list.

Well, happy Winterizing! Enjoy!


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