iWork Features Missing from the Latest Release Coming Back Soon

iWork Features Missing from the Latest Release Coming Back Soon

When the latest version of iWork was release two weeks ago it became obvious that many of the items and features we’ve grown to love were excluding from the software. This isn’t much different from past releases but so many popular features seemed to be dropped in what has to be in the name of continuity between iOS and OSX versions of the software. Well, that could all change very soon. It seems that Apple is looking to make some significant improvements and feature releases to iWork within the next 6 months. You can take a look at the official statement – http://support.apple.com/kb/HT6049?viewlocale=en_US&locale=en_US#!.

Some changes include a customized toolbar for each app, managing pages and sections from thumbnail view in Pages, revert to old transitions in Keynote. While these features are probably nice to have. I don’t believe any of them are the main features users are truly deeply missing, such as the RTF support.

What do you think about the newest version of iWork? Will these changes make a difference?


  1. Richard

    I still use the old version because of the lack of features in the he new one. The old one could use used to commercially used to DTP but this new one is a poor replacement . I hope they do upgrade the current in end soon!

  2. Ron Lambertq

    Mail Merge. What is disappointment to find it gone. It is September and time for membership form in clubs, but guess what. No Mail merge.

    Any help or suggestions.

    • Joel

      I know this sounds trite, but if you have Pages ’09 it can still do it.

      I think I understand what Apple is doing. They’ve improved the functionalities of the iOS version of iWork and made the Mac version match those, unfortunately that meant they had to remove many functions. My guess is that we will see a continual addition of features back into the software. And I can’t imagine that they will never bring back Mail Merge. But try to imagine how that might work on an iOS device. That is probably one of the things that is holding them back.


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