Mavericks Keynote Template

by | Jun 11, 2013 | Business presentations, Keynote | 3 comments

In honor of yesterday’s announcement of OS X Mavericks the newest operating system from Apple I decided to create a Mavericks Keynote template. If you don’t know, Apple decided to move away from the big cat names for their operating systems, even joking at one point to call the next version ‘Sea Lion’, and start naming them after places in California that inspire them the most. Off the coast of Pillar Point Harbor in Northern California and is a winter destination for surfers from around the world. With regularity waves can crest over 25 feet.

This template, however, is a great example of what those waves can invoke during a presentation. I’m not a surfer. Maybe I would take surf lessons on vacation, but it not up my alley. When I see this picture it does send a rush of excitement down my spine and I want to dive in. Ah, now you see the power that this presentation template will have over your audience. Use it wisely.


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