Numbers Perpetual Daily Calendar

Numbers Perpetual Daily Calendar

Wow! Do I have a treat for you! Here is my first attempt at a perpetual Calendar. This is Perpetual Daily Calendar for Numbers. Just select the date and your schedule is built for you. You can even adjust the time intervals. It’s truly a gem of a template. Unfortunately it only works a day at a time, but there is hope yet for the future. You can print it off if you’d like. Do several days in a row and you’ll be all set.

Unfortunately it uses some formulas that are not supported by iWork ’08 so I just have the iWork ’09 and iOS versions available. I really hope you like this template. I’m thinking about doing more along this idea.


  1. Tommy Edquist

    I got a message that it is som error in cell F3.
    My version is iWork09.

  2. Daniel O'Leary

    This template uses fonts that are not installed by iWork: “Calibri” and “Segoe Print”. “Calibri” is apparently a Microsoft Font, which is apparently installed when MS Office is installed, but it can be installed manually if one download’s the “Open XML File Format Converter for Mac ” utility (see “Segoe Print” is available for purchase on the Microsoft site, but I have also found a version available for free download online, but I do not know if these are the same thing.

  3. Carol Hammer

    This is exactly what i’m looking for … but i can’t get it to open! Numbers tells me the iOS version format is not valid(?); and i get nothing with the 09 iWork version. Help!

    • joelwolfgang

      Carol, we were having some trouble with the website and we should have it fixed try your download again.

  4. Stephen

    Awesome job! Thanks a lot!

  5. Mark w Sibert

    Looks like it has great potential. I think the Week-at-a-glance should start Sunday or Monday instead of being six days from the detailed day.

    I also wish I could see the data/information in the week-at-a-glance. But it’s worth the download to experiment.

  6. Mark w Sibert

    I see a set of fields with formulae that refer to cells that go to cells that seem to have no purpose. Will this ever be fixed?

    Also, where do you put & save data?

    Why does the To Do List have character boxes instead of a checkbox?

    is there a calendar that’s functional, besides just for printing?

    • Joel

      Mark, it looks as though this template does not work very well with the newest version of Pages. If you have a copy of Pages ’09 it will probably work much better. This is why there isn’t a current or iOS version available for this template. As for a timeframe to fix it, it isn’t currently on the shortlist, but it should be. Thank you for bringing it to our attention.


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