Christmas Card Template With Photo Overlay

by | Nov 28, 2012 | Cards, Christmas, Christmas Card, Holidays, Pages | 3 comments

This is a great Christmas Card Template for Pages with a simple photo overlay. If you’ve never worked with Pages’ Image Mask its a breeze. Basically all I did was create two rectangles on a single page of paper and made them as large as I needed to. Then I just dragged a picture into the document and dropped it into the rectangle. This was incredibly simple and then I could adjust the picture size and move the image into place. This is one of the features I love the best about iWork, and one of the time that attracted me the most to it when I first saw it demoed.

This Christmas card template is simple just switch out the picture and the text. You may have to play around with the text a little to get to it come out correctly. This picture I used was a little more difficult. I suggest a picture with a black or bright background. That way text will pop more easily.


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