Christmas Card Template With Photo Overlay

Christmas Card Template With Photo Overlay

This is a great Christmas Card Template for Pages with a simple photo overlay. If you’ve never worked with Pages’ Image Mask its a breeze. Basically all I did was create two rectangles on a single page of paper and made them as large as I needed to. Then I just dragged a picture into the document and dropped it into the rectangle. This was incredibly simple and then I could adjust the picture size and move the image into place. This is one of the features I love the best about iWork, and one of the time that attracted me the most to it when I first saw it demoed.

This Christmas card template is simple just switch out the picture and the text. You may have to play around with the text a little to get to it come out correctly. This picture I used was a little more difficult. I suggest a picture with a black or bright background. That way text will pop more easily.


  1. Rod

    Just wondering…
    I have iWork ’08. tried to open the ’08 version, but get an error stating I need newer version of Pages.

    Is the link for iWork ’08 Version mistakenly going to the ’09 version?


    • joelwolfgang

      Rod, nice catch! I have it updated. It should work fine now.

  2. Bonnie

    You saved my holidays (and my wallet) with this suggestion.
    I’d been wanting to create my own card but was struggling with the standard Pages templates.
    I followed your steps, and my photo card came out perfectly.
    Thanks a million!


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