Amortization Schedule Calculator 2.0 For Numbers

Amortization Schedule Calculator 2.0 For Numbers

Way back at the start of this blog I found a Amortization Schedule Calculator. It had its uses – its been downloaded thousands of times. Well, I thought it was best to do an update to this trusty old template. So, first of all the original file was an Excel template. So I created a second table to handle the user inputs. I also extended it out to handle 360 row of results so that it could generate an amortization of a 30 year home mortgage. Although it doesn’t yet handle things like PMI it isn’t quite ready for unique loans. I also added date functions, so you can enter the starting date of the loan and it will give you the individual payment dates in the table as well as return the final payment date.

If you’re looking for a very straight forward Amortization schedule calculator that handles the most normal of loans – this is the template for you. Maybe on version three I’ll have items to handle some more unique situations. Enjoy!


  1. Karen

    How would you recalculate if there were additional payments made towards the repayment?

  2. Jonathan

    Thanks for sharing this Loan calculator. Sounds like it might do just what I need. Will know in a moment. Either way, I appreciate your work on it and sharing it.


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