2013 Monthly Calendar Template For Numbers

by | Sep 5, 2012 | Calendars, Numbers | 12 comments

The 2018 Horizontal Monthly Calendar Template is here.

We’ve been putting these calendars out for the past couple of years. And they’ve been the most popular templates on the website ever since. So here is the 2013 Monthly Calendar Template for Numbers its ready to print. You can add info to it before you print it out or you can print it out and write your events on it. It works well any way you shake it.

This template can be easily customized to fit your needs. Just simply add in your special dates and events. You can even add pictures. There is a space at the bottom where you can add notes and reminders. This Calendar template is simple, but looks great. You won’t be ashamed to post it on your refrigerator.

Thank you all for your continued support.


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