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by | Feb 21, 2012 | Brochure, Pages, Trendy Eclectic | 1 comment

Many of you know that sometimes I’ll translate some of HP’s template series into an iWork format. I did it with the Weathered, and Timeless series and several others. Well, today, I’m kicking off a one template per week post series with HP’s Trendy Eclectic template series. This is really a good-looking series and I know that you’ll enjoy it. I’ve made it compatible with iWork ’09, iWork ’08, and iOS devices. This is the Tri-fold brochure template, and I think it will work for you in many different situations.

People have used brochures for years to get their points across. This Tri-Fold brochure template is designed in such a way that is pretty specific and niche. This isn’t going to be the series for everyone, but those of you who will use it will definitely stand out from among the crowd. Will you want to use it to showcase prices at your tattoo parlor? No, but I’m sure you’ll find many uses for it.

Trendy Eclectic Tri-fold Brochure Template for Pages


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