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by | Feb 16, 2012 | Numbers, Personal Finance | 0 comments

Honestly up until a couple of years ago I didn’t really understand the significance of a Net Worth Calculator. I knew what it was and what it did, but I thought it was only for rich people. But my wife and I took a personal finance seminar and I realized it is also for people who someday hope to be rich, so I have have been keeping one updated for the past four years. I’m not sure why its taken me this long to put one up on this blog. This is a pretty good one, and its functions are basic enough that it should work just fine on an iOS device. Personal finance spreadsheets through Numbers are almost just as good as any app, because if you have OS X Lion each spreadsheet is automatically updated no matter which device you create it on. Well, enough of my rant, and onto the template.This template is simple enough to use, just place the dollar amount figures next to the corresponding text. A word to the wise if you don’t know what the text is talking about leave it blank and talk to your financial¬†adviser¬†about how you can increase your net worth. Also when the total net worth column reads “$1,000,000” you are a millionaire! Enjoy!


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