What Do the WWDC 2011 Announcements mean for iWork Users?

by | Jun 8, 2011 | WWDC | 0 comments

There were some big announcements at this year’s WWDC keynote for sure. It’s not every year that game changing technologies get announced. But what does it mean for iWork users?Several days ago I posted about iWork being a central figure in this years releases. And even though we didn’t get a new piece of software we did get iWork on the iPhone. And if you think about it the last version of iWork came out in 2009, iWork for the iPad came out in 2010 and we got it for the iPhone in 2011.The new Lion operating system (that will be available in July for $29.99) has a two great new features that will make you ooo and ahhh. One, Auto saving, you’ll never have to hit the save button again or worry about losing your work. Lion saves it for you! Second, Auto save let’s you see the history of your document you can easily move back and forth between versions.

iOS 5 has several features that enrich iWork. The greatest of these is Documents on iCloud. It allows you to store your iWork documents on the cloud for easy access between devices. You’ll also have the ability to auto sync you documents across all of you devices. iWork will be accessible to all making it the easiest document creation tool to synchronize your work.

This iWork user can’t wait to get his hands on all of this good stuff! Thanks Steve!


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