Mac App Store Now Open – doesn’t include new version of iWork.

by | Jan 6, 2011 | News | 0 comments

The Long awaited Mac App Store is now open! Its available after you update you system to 10.6.6 and you’ll find a link to click to open the store. Many thought that the new app store would bring in new versions iWork’s Pages, Numbers and Keynote, but alas that seems not to be true. One thing you can do that you couldn’t before is purchase Pages, Numbers or Keynote independently of each other. If you were waiting for the right time to buy this seems to be it. The boxed version sells in stores for $79 where as the individual apps cost just $20 each.

No word yet on if Apple plans to do any more releases of new versions as this software has automatic updates just like iPad versions of iWork. I think we would all baulk at purchasing the iWork apps again if a New iPad version were to come out. As this is most likely the case I believe that I will stop looking for iWork ’11.

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