Transpose Your Data In Numbers ’08 and ’09

Transpose Your Data In Numbers ’08 and ’09

Probably one of the biggest complaints that I have against Numbers is that it is unable to transpose data. Meaning that if I type data into table vertically I can’t easily get that data to show up somewhere else horizontally… until now! I found this neat little hack (work-around) on the blog Fury and Frost. It took me a little while to really understand it but I think that my little screencast might help

This is the formula that I used in the video =INDEX(Table 1 :: $A$1:$C$8,COLUMN(),ROW())

If you wanted to reference data in another sheet the formula would look like =INDEX(Sheet 1 :: Table 1 :: $A$1:$C$8,COLUMN(),ROW())

If you wanted to reference data in the same table the formula would look like =INDEX($A$1:$C$8,COLUMN(),ROW())


  1. Magne Kleiveland


    Thanks for helping out with your good templates!

    I have a VERY disturbing problem: The work-around for transposing data in Numbers ´09 is not working on my MacBook Pro. The version i use is:
    Numbers´09, version 2.1 (436)

    Is there any way to handle this in the version I have?



    • Joel

      Mary, I’m sorry you’re having a hard time with it. But I just checked again and it does work in the latest version of Numbers. One tip that I didn’t share in the video make sure that your cell references are absolute $A$1 instead of A1. Good Luck.

  2. Conrad

    You rock,

    thanks for this workaround. The only issue I had was dragging to populate the all the cells wouldn’t work from the header rows, so I paste the formula to the next 2 cells and presto!

    I thank you for this – as the Numbers development team should!



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