Microsoft Wireless Notebook Mouse 3000

by | Oct 19, 2008 | Product Reviews | 0 comments

Hey I just wanted to spend a little bit of time today recommending a product that I have been nothing but happy with. A few years back Microsoft decided that it would join the computer peripheral market and they had a few success, but nothing is compared to the success of theWireless Notebook Optical Mouse 3000


To be perfectly honest when I went to buy this mouse I was looking for something really cheap and effective so that my wife could have a mouse for her PC. A couple of months later her PC died (go figure) and we got her a macbook and I was thrilled to see the seamless integration. This mouse in compatible with OS 10.1 and higher. We have owned it for one year now and have yet to change the batteries. This is a mouse worth having for any Mac user. It is a two button mouse with a center scroller and it runs on one AA battery. The USB connection conveniently tucks away underneath the main body of the mouse for easy storage. This makes it very easy to throw into a laptop case or into a drawer.

It comes in a variety of colors:

Pomegranate Red

Winter Blue

Creme Brulee Gold

Dragon Fruit Pink

Milk Chocolate


Aloe Green

Let me know what you think. I have really enjoyed this mouse for over a year now, and I hope that you can find the same enjoyment that I have.



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