Numbers ’08 – Amortization Table

Numbers ’08 – Amortization Table

We found this handy amortization table out there somewhere on the web.  It is a handy amortization table that makes it easy to be able to tell how much you owe on current loans, and will even help you figure out how much difference there will be if you start paying bills off early. This template is easy to use just input the loan amount, interest rate and the term at the top and it will figure out your loan payment amount and your month over month financial information.

It will also help you to decide how much of a payment you can afford for large purchases.  We hope you like it.

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  1. Rod

    link doesn’t work

    • joelwolfgang

      Rod, sorry about that. I should have it fixed and up now. And I am working on an update to this template. Thanks!

  2. Kathy

    How do I adjust the loan amortization schedule for additional principal payments?

    • Joel

      Kathy, its been a little while since I’ve opened up that template, but I’m going to guess you’ll need to look at the PMT function. If I were to make that template again I would use this function to accomplish it. Hope that helps.


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